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Robots can make Europe more competitive, creating jobs

‘Robotics technology will become dominant in the coming decade. It will influence every aspect of work and home. Robotics has the potential to transform lives and work practices, raise efficiency and safety levels, provide enhanced levels of service, and create jobs. Its impact will grow over time as will the interaction between robots and people.’ – This is the vision of Robotics 2020, an initiative containing the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Robotics in Europe drafted by the European Association of Robotics.

According to the vision of Robotics 2020:

Robots will transform almost every industry and service sector. Europe has the potential to lead this process, but this requires sustained investment in research, innovation, companies, and in the infrastructures needed to integrate robotics technology within our systems and society.

At its completion, the EU’s 2007-2013 funding programme FP7 directly funded some 130 robotics-based research projects involving around 500 organisations with total grants of some EUR 536 million. Other funding with elements related to robotics amounted to some EUR 170 million. This unique level of investment has yielded a vibrant and active research community within Europe both in academia and industry. Europe therefore has a strong basis on which to innovate and create. The focus of the next funding programme, Horizon 2020, concentrated closer to the market and encompassing innovation, will help to leverage this advantage for the European robotics community as new markets and service opportunities are created.

Professor Bruno Siciliano past president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Robotics and Automation Society believes that robots can make Europe more competitive, creating jobs, stating: ‘Robots will enter almost all areas of human activity including the home.’

The Robotics 2020 Strategic Research Agenda for Robotics in Europe can be read here (PDF)…


  1. bhatmahesht says:

    Probably by 2020 each home having a robot like a household worker. Also each office having personal secretaries and clerical jobs outsourced to robots instead of Asia pacific countries like India seems inevitable to me

  2. Colin Lewis says:

    I think you have that right. There will be many jobs that are currently outsourced move back to countries of the original manufacturer.. that being said I do believe organizations like Tesla Motors will set up operations in Asia and Europe to better serve those markets.

  3. […] I agree, automation and robotics will displace jobs, but as is the case with all ‘creative destruction,’ new jobs will be found to meet the changing needs of the technological advances.  The root cause of today’s underperforming economy remains insufficient spending by households, businesses and governments to fully employ all those who want a job, not to mention outsourcing of jobs to developing countries and migration of low pay workers. And the cure for this is policy measures to boost spending, such as the infrastructure roadmap by the UK Government or the European Vision 2020. […]

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