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Commission to look at employment problem created by Artificial Intelligence

A short CBS segment with Gary Marcus commenting on the future of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, it’s more about the potential dangers of AI for society than about the progress of AI.

In addition to the potential dangers, it would have been nice to also mention the numerous potential benefits of AI: transportation safety, medicine and health care, manufacturing, etc. Some economists have said that AI will be the engine of the next industrial/economic revolution.

As Professor Yann LeCun has said: The potential dangers of AI should certainly be taken seriously, even if many of them are far off in the future. And we should have AI ethics committees to discuss and control the possible effects of AI on society, the same way we currently have committees on bioethics, nuclear technology, climate change, public health, etc.

Every technology can be used for good things and bad things. Common decency and working towards the common good is what drives us to use it for good things. Laws, treaties and regulations is what prevents society from using it for (too many) bad things.

As Gary said (and unlike James Barrat’s remark to the contrary), we are still quite far from having “truly” intelligent machines (whatever that means), and from machines with “common sense”. But we are making quick progress in visual and auditory perception and with language understanding.

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  1. bhatmahesht says:

    Definitely intelligent machines will take up our jobs with machines exceeding the power of humans both physical and intelligence, what we were proud of until now

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