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No place for average

Most people work below their capabilities, leading lives of mediocrity and getting by in an ‘average capacity.’ We make promises and commitments to ourselves and to our employers, investors or partners, which we often fail to deliver.

We think we are escaping the rat-race of office cubicles by setting up our own small family High achieversbusiness, but we continue to trudge through our day using a fraction of our talents and capabilities. We get sidetracked reading gossip papers and magazines, sports sites, friends Facebook posts and a myriad of other distracting, attention grabbing time sucks. And yet we still claim we did a hard day’s work! When in fact the days just keep going on and on—like the movie Groundhog Day.

But the problem is, so often only 10% of people are high achievers – nothing, and I mean nothing, is stopping you from being a high achiever, except your own laziness.

This averageness is leaving a trail of misery and debt for our-selves, our loved ones and our children and future generations.

We live in a time, where it seems to me, entitlement prevails. Far too many people believe they are entitled to a high standard of living, they believe they work hard because they show up at the factory, office, institution or small business they own and yet they squander most of the day.

What happened to REAL hard work and ingenuity?

Is it any wonder the newspapers and TV stations, on a daily basis, are announcing that Robots will take your job?

Now of course this does not apply to every profession, I know some high school teachers that work harder than many finance executives and board directors I work with at close quarters. I work with PhD students that work harder than some of the tenured professors and I know many young engineers and behavioral science graduates that are creatively developing Apps and solutions to solve real world problems.

Unless we move from an ‘average,‘ to an ‘augmented’ personal economy, we will suffer and stagnate and lose everything we have worked for including our self-esteem.

Make no mistake about it, robotic and automated technology is changing the way we work, and it WILL displace those that work in an average and mediocre way. No job is safe… there are already robot burger flippers, waitresses are being displaced by automatic ordering services in restaurants, driverless trucks are replacing fork lift drivers, and factory workers, the robot barman is far more efficient and ‘friendlier’ than many bar staff, driverless cars will replace taxi drivers, and even psychiatrists could be displaced, automation has displaced millions of office jobs and will continue to do so. The list is endless and much of it has been happening for years, and suddenly the advances of technology have brought it closer to where it could impact your job no matter what you do.

As head of the AI at Singularity University, Neil Jacobstein, told the BBC. “It isn’t artificial intelligence that keeps me awake at night, it is human stupidity.”

There is absolutely no excuse for mediocrity – but if you choose to live in an average way, don’t say I didn’t warn you…


  1. John F says:

    How did you determine the categories / stats for that chart

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