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Robots App Brings World of Robotics to iPad

robots-app-screenshot-2-2048×1536A cool new iPad app provides a fascinating tour of robotics. Created by IEEE Spectrum the app lets users explore 126 robots (I’m told it will soon have 158) from 19 countries, with 360-degree views, interactive animations, technical specs, and hundreds of photos, videos, and articles.

Among the  robots included in the App are Honda’s Asimo, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, and Google’s self-driving car. I really enjoyed watching Nao perform tai chi.

There are also androids, drones, exoskeletons, quadrupeds, and snake robots. The app offers countless hours of exploration and entertainment to anyone interested in learning about robotics. There is also in-depth, technical data about each robot, and some basic information on how robots work and some good advice on how to get started in robotics.

Rodney Brooks, Dean Kamen, and other leading roboticists provide insights about their creations — and even some career advice — in exclusive audio interviews. The app also features a detailed glossary of robotics terms, the app designers version of the timeline of robots and artificial intelligence, and a section where users can choose which robot wins in a “face-off match.”

It’s pretty cool and fun, whilst offering good information on the progressive field of robotics.

Download the Robot App for iPad here…

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