We need more and better information on scientific development in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and its potential impacts, clearer scientific literacy, and more and better prospective independent studies that allow us to anticipate the opportunities and risks of key technologies, such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

For the foreseeable future we will continue to see widening gaps in equality, be economically insecure, assuredly less confident of our collective purposes, our environmental well-being, and our personal security. We have no idea what sort of world future generations will inherit, nor should we continue to delude ourselves about humanities prospects.

There is likely to be a boom in Robotics and A.I. around 2020 followed by a decade of rapid progress. We must move toward a new social consensus between science, technology, politics, and citizens in order to jointly build a democratic society in which these new technologies are solely for improving ALL citizens standards of living and lifestyles.

Key points for employment

  1. Being adaptable will be a key capability for the workforce of the future.
  2. The lifetime job in one workplace is going to become a rarity. Multiple short- or medium-term positions in different organizations will be the norm.
  3. Learning how to make decisions effectively in a highly uncertain world is a critical life skill; it should be taught to the next generation.
  4. The future is always difficult to predict but particularly so for labor markets.
  5. Research is the key to greater understanding and the foundation for all real change.