Self-Driving Cars

Transportation made revolutions in the era of man. The primal man hunted on foot with his companions, and eventually realized that he needed some other methods in order to reach to distant places in short time. Mounted animals such as horses and elephants were used, once carriage were invented, they we pulled by dogs and horses and thanks to the invention of cars in 1886 and its globalization in 1908 with the Model T invented by Henry Ford, the economy of the world changed forever. There have been much advancement in the modern cars of today, but now one of the most important revolutions in this industry is about to come: autonomous driving cars. And our objective right here is describing the most important benefits of them.

A self-driving car, also known as an autonomous vehicle is capable of sensing its environment and moving safely without needing human usage. The reason of why they do not need to be driven by men is that they combine a variety of sensors that are able to perceive surroundings. Their advanced control systems interpret the sensory information and they identify the appropriate navigation paths, as well any obstacles and relevant information on the road.

The revolution of smartphones smashed humankind, and once it came, it never went back with its innovations. In a globalized world, having a smartphone is a complete need. We strongly believe that the self-driving cars are going to the same, as their benefits could be changing the world forever. The future that we watched in science fiction movies is in the corner. 

We are going to start by mentioning that one of the greatest benefits of using self-driving cars is that they are capable of reduce the percentage of car accidents because of human errors. Because they are entirely focused and programmed to fulfill their function for transporting to a specific point, they are safer. Drivers often distract themselves and they lose focus, and this can cause accidents. If the self driving cars are used, the risk of having a crash can be reduced in a very important degree.

If we think about the benefits of self driving cars, one of thing to consider is that there can be no traffic jams in their users. Sometimes drivers do not pay attention to the driving rules of their countries, and it is easy for them to violate driving laws. Those brand new cars can eliminate that possibility of error.

Meanwhile we are not driving because of the use of self driving cars, we can do other activities. Studying for a test, watching steaming series in Netflix, playing videogames, chat with people and many other things. After all, driving requires a lot of self-awareness in order to not have accidents.

If we think about it, there are some people that they do not like driving, or they are not interested in driving at all. Self driving cars are an ideal choice for that customer, as they do not want to have the responsibility of driving the car they use. At the same time, its users can save money, as hiring a private driver can be expensive.

The parking problems could be solved in a certain degree. By sharing information with google and uber, self driving cars could memorize the specific places in which it can be parked, thanks to IA. Many of the problems with parking come because of disagreement of human driven cars.

Essentially, people will rest more and save energy for other activities. After two or three hours of driving, many people feel exhausted, and even more if they drive during night. This can be dangerous too. With the use of self-driving cars, they could rest and gather energies instead of driving and risking their safety.

School kids would be able to use these cars, without needing private transportation. This would be a great benefit if you do not want that your boys use the standard transportation methods, or even use part of your time in order to look for them at school.

Even old people do not need to wait for someone to come after them. And those who are physically unable to drive could make use of the self driving cars in order to have a method of transportation. 

Many are the benefits of having a self driving car. We think that it is a very interesting option that if is well applied, could change the world forever. Globlization is at hand, and thanks to this process humankind has gained important technologies that made life easier in many ways. Although there can be disadvantages of this technology, it is worth to note that we must embrace all the benefits that make us better. And honestly, we think that self driving cars are going to help us in many ways in the years to come.